Privacy policy

At Netgear Support USA,

we are much caring of our privacy policy. It is a matter that demands serious attention when you deal with customers globally. Our privacy policy is clear to all consists of all the relevant information that our users are bound or eligible to know. In fact, they must go through our privacy policy before engaging with any of the services.

Netgear Support USA never collects personal information about the users out of their knowledge. Moreover, we are not liable to collect, use, interpret or forward your personal data to any of the further agencies. All activities will take place in the presence of your knowledge and attention.

In other words, Netgear Support USA can’t force you to provide your personal data unless you do it yourself. There are some ways we use to collect information about our clients. Correspondingly, they also have the right to choose the way to communicate with us. Among all, there is provision for the visitors of this website to choose and convey the information. Unless you select it, we will be unable to store your data. But in case, you refuse to provide some required information, you may no longer eligible to use some of our features and services of this website.

The information that Netgear Support USA ask from the visitors, is used to provide some basic facilities like commenting, future content, and support etc.

Similarly, this privacy policy also allows you to enjoy the rights with respect to your personal information. Moreover, this policy will provide you with answers to your questions about our products or services.

What this Privacy Policy will Include

This privacy policy will include all the personal information about our products and services, how we process it, and how we use it. It will include:

  • Netgear Support USA website, which can be accessed by our clients at
  • All the services like customer support services by the experts and services accessible through the website.
  • Different types of software that you can download to your phone or PC.
  • Various types of subscription services like services that our clients can access our web apps and mobile apps.

Apart from this, third parties can also unite products and services of Netgear Support USA to their products and services. For it, Netgear Support USA is not responsible at all.

What Type of Personal Information we Collect

What we mean by ‘Personal Information’? Describing for you, Personal Information is the information which can be used to identify a person, individual or group.

Netgear Support USA collects various sorts of information about the clients. But this can be done only after your consent.

We also tell you that why you should provide us with your personal information and how it can be useful for you while dealing with us. Contrary to this, we will also mention you what can be bad consequences if you fail to provide us the personal information.

Let us describe to you why you should provide us with accurate personal information? It will help Netgear Support USA to identify its users and authorized clients. Moreover, it will also be helpful in the future dealings. Further, it enables us to provide you with excellent and timely services.

Similarly, if you will not provide the information, you may not be able to use certain benefits of our particular services that require personal information.

Now, what are the ways we collect the information through?

Netgear Support USA collects personal information through the following 3 ways:

  1. Directly from our Clients

Registration: Sometimes registration is necessary for our clients to use our services. Netgear Support USA may ask you for certain type of information while creating an account with Netgear Support USA. Otherwise, you also need to provide information to use our web apps and mobile apps.

The information we may ask you for include first name, last name, country, email address, telephone number, and mailing address etc. in addition, we may also ask for some additional data like your hobbies, gender, and age etc.

Information you post voluntarily:

Further, we may also collect information that you voluntarily share on our message board or in our web apps or mobile apps.

Customer Support: Next platform is your contact with our team of customer support. Netgear Support USA can also receive your data from our customer executives.

Payment Details: Moreover, we may also collect your card details through your payment details that you have made in the past. It may contain credit card number or billing information, the payment details you made in the past.

Your Curriculum-Vitae: It is another way which we may use to collect your personal details. If you have applied for a job at Netgear Support USA, then your job application form and your Resume can be the source for us full of personal details.

  1. Netgear SupportOther Sources

Social Media: If you choose to use our services using one of your social media accounts like Facebook, then we may collect your private information directly. It will include name, gender, email address etc. But it may depend upon your social media accounts’ privacy settings.

Third Party: You can use our services by providing us with information about the third parties. But keep in mind that you should have permission from the related party to do so.

How we may Use Your Personal Information

Netgear Support USA can use your personal information in the following ways:

To provide you with service and interact with you: We will use your personal information to serve you with our services and to make communication directly with you.

To improve our Services: Further, your personal information will help us to maintain and improve our services. It will also ensure the trustworthiness and reliability of our existing services and provides a platform to develop new customized services.

Analysis: Similarly, we will use your data to conduct an internal audit to make an understanding of the performance and results of our services.

Marketing Purpose: We may also use your personal data to send you promotions offers, services programs, and other promotional activities. But we assure your data will not be shared with third parties.

Protection: Further, your data may also be used for the protection of our website, our customers or our company as well.

Judicial Purpose: Netgear Support USA can use your personal data if needed for any legal activity, by any judicial agency or in the judicial process.

Others: In addition, we may also use your data for any other purpose. We will inform you before processing your data for other purposes rather than that of the above mentioned.

How We may Share your Personal Information

Furthermore, Netgear Support USA also possesses the right to share to personal information in the following ways:

  1. Among our branches across the world: Netgear Support USA has the right to share your information among all its bodies and affiliates across the world.
  2. With our Service Providers: Your personal information may also be used with our service providers. They are the people who further perform the services on our instructions and guidelines. Some of the examples include processing credit card transactions, sharing marketing campaigns, and sharing email addresses to help you with sale related and after sale support.
  3. With your Friends: Further, it is your decision to share your information with your friend circle. You can share a link to share your Arlo camera access.
  4. With any part of the business: Netgear Support USA reserves the right to share your personal data with all or any part of the business. We can perform this task in connection with an acquisition, merger, sale of assets, reorganization, or in the incident related to insolvency or bankruptcy. Moreover, you try to direct the transferee to use your personal data in an accordance of this privacy policy.
  5. For Legal Purposes: We may share your personal data with the outside companies, organizations, or individuals with a faith that they will use your information to meet the legal requirements like to meet any legal law, enforceable governmental requests etc. similarly, to detect and prevent the fraud efforts, technical issues etc.
  6. Other ways: If we share your data in any of the other ways, we will collect your consent before making the proceedings.

What are Your Rights with Us

Accordingly, our clients have also various types of rights and choices while engaging with Netgear Support USA. You can direct us on how we should behave with your personal data, how we will contact with you etc.

  1. You can withdraw your subscription from receiving marketing emails: Our clients have the right to unsubscribe from receiving our promotional and marketing emails etc. But it does not mean, we will stop sending you the emails related to your orders. It will continue untill your consent. You will get timely emails about your orders, payments or related to technical issues and responses.
  2. Control Cookies: Further, you can control cookies and other tracking tools if you want. Coolies are the files to store your data through your web browser. But you can manage the cookies to prevent them from collecting data. This data or personal information can be in the form of IP Addresses, what sites you visit, advertising identifiers, and operating systems and browsers.
  3. You can ignore the app installation or warranty card: Our clients can also not be forced to install any of our service applications or software. Moreover, they can also leave the fields blank on the warranty card. But remember, it may limit your warranty services.
  4. Our customers can also update or remove their account with us: However, or clients also reserve the right to maintain their account as per their choices. They can modify or can delete their account whenever they want. But by doing so, they will no longer be liable to use our full services. You will have to contact us to exercise your preferences with regard to your account.

You are Agree with our Data Transfer Policy

Netgear Support USA maintains a global customer base. Hence, we may transfer your personal data to the other countries which you do not belong to. It can also be the USA, our headquarter centre. These countries may also have different data collection laws against the country in you provide your data initially.

You don’t need to worry about. Netgear Support USA will protect your data as we have mentioned in our privacy policy. If you use our websites to provide your information, you agree with the transfer, storage, and processing of your personal data outside your country.

Our Clients Located in European Economic Area (EEA)

Netgear Support USA is liable to use personal information related to the clients located in the European Economic Area. The legal ways to process the information are as follow:

  1. When you agree to the use of your personal information by us. We always seek for the consent from you to use our cookies when you visit our website.
  2. Further, we also need your personal information to help your service inquiries or to provide you with particular services.
  3. We also have the right to use or disclose your personal data to meet any enforceable governmental request or to respond to any other legal process.
  4. Netgear Support USA also have legitimate right to process your data for the following reasons:
  5. Improving and providing revised services to the clients
  6. Developing a new range of services to meet the customers’ demands effectively
  7. Customizing existing services to enhance the user experience
  8. Marketing to introduce the new services
  9. Detecting, preventing and addressing frauds and other security issues with our services
  10. To conduct research operations to improve the benefits of the clients
  11. Enforcing legal claims and investigating key violations of the terms of use.

Children’s Policy

All of our services are not meant for children. Netgear Support USA never allows the children below 16 years to create an account on our website. Similarly, if any of our clients find that we have allowed a youngster below 16 to create an account, kindly inform us immediately. We will take instant steps to resolve the issue.

How Netgear Support USA will protect your personal Information

We make efforts to provide safety to the personal data which you have entrusted to us. We perform safety measure as per this privacy policy. Along with, we have various safeguards in the form of administrative, technical, and physical to prevent unlawful, accidental, and misuse of your personal data. Moreover, we also make advice to our suppliers to protect the data from misuse.

But you also have to be careful because the internet is not 100% secure. None of the website or webpage can provide you with 100% safety and security of your personal data. Hence, cautions are compulsory while surfing the internet, especially, never share your passwords with anyone.

Further, while using chat rooms or participating in discussion forums, sharing your personal data may be risky. The data can be broadly published over the web in an unethical manner. Here you and Netgear Support USA can’t do anything. Therefore, we are not responsible for any loss of data you provide in these kinds of discussion forums and chat rooms.

Third Party Services

The services offered by Netgear Support USA may contain features and links to the websites of third parties. Now, these are the websites we have no control over. The information you provide on their site will be directly transferred to their owners. Further, the data will be subject to their privacy policy. So, it is necessary to read the privacy policy of third party website before entering personal information. Netgear Support USA is not responsible for the websites of the third parties.

Update of the Privacy Policy

Netgear Support USA regularly updates its privacy policy from time to time. To be updated with our service policies, visit our privacy policy section on regular intervals. Further, any material change will be informed to you through another medium of communication before it takes effect.

How can you Contact Us

Several communication channels are available to our clients. If you have any query, any information or complaint regarding our privacy policy or a part of it, feel free to write to us at our email address. Netgear Support USA will respond quickly to your inquiry.

The latest version of our Privacy Policy was published on 1 January, 2019.